Chiropractic Testimonials

"After seeing Dr. Ken; I sleep better, feel more alert, have more energy, and think clearer. My posture has improved greatly and I can breathe more deeply."

- Thomas Laskoski

"When I started the chiropractic program, I couldn’t even touch my toes. Now I can do acro tricks, which takes a lot of back flexibility. I can walk without pain and dance, which is what I love to do! I have a lot more energy in everyday activities, an unexpected change."

- Jaden McNally

"I can sit up straighter and have relief from headaches."

- Juliette P.

"I can sit comfortably, breathe deeply and live Pain free! I strongly recommend seeing Dr. Peterson. ABC Chiropractic is nothing short of a miracle! I have gone from getting Bronchitis 2 to 3 times a year to not getting it in a full year, since getting chiropractic care from Dr. Ken."

- Katherine T.

"It is amazing how much confidence one can feel when you have a pain free, good posture. Even my heel spur pain is completely gone. Ken took the time to explain what was being done."

- Susan R.

"I can now carry wet laundry, sleep more comfortably, stand straighter, and no more hump on the back of my neck."

- Kris

"I’ve suffered for 10+ years with tingling in my arm and lower back weakness. Today I am able to sit more upright, with less lumbar support and the tingling in my arm has disappeared."

- Mark C.

"I feel more relaxed and my blood pressure went from 145/95 to 110/62. I can get out of bed without pain and have more flexibility in my back and neck."

- Timothy P.

I started seeing Dr. Ken because of constant back pain due to scoliosis. Now I am sleeping much better, having less headaches and am more in tune with how my body feels which is so much better I cant believe compared to what it was, my mid back pain and lower back pain is practically non-existant. I’m not a big fan of Drs., but I like Dr. Ken’s “we don’t fix the symptoms” approach. He focuses on getting things to work properly and does it with empathy. The most surprising change for me was that my sense of smell has come back to normal."

- Hanna

"I would recommend Dr. Ken with great honor. It feels like by telling people about him is like I am giving someone a gift. Seeing him will change your life!"

- Lisle Ann Jackson

"You are not a “patient” when you are at Back to Life Chiropractic, you are an individual with very real symptoms. Dr. Ken not only educates you about chiropractic care, he believes in your ability to heal and helps facilitate the process!"

- Stacy C.

"My blood pressure has always been border line high. After two weeks of having adjustments, my blood pressure is perfect."

- Alan Burleigh

"I suffered from headaches and low back pain for about 3 years. Now I can sit more easily, sleep better and have stopped taking so many pills. After seeing Dr. Ken, I am less depressed and a much better parent because I am in better condition to take care of my son and daughter!"

- Karen A.

"Peterson is not only a well trained professional in the field of chiropractics, he is also friendly, respectful and personable. Since I began treatment, 3 weeks ago, I feel more energetic, calmer, happier and am sleeping better."

- Tom Callahan

"I was experiencing pain just about everywhere in my body. Since I have been getting adjusted by Dr. Ken, my pain has been gone. I have even been able to play basketball again, and fouling better than I have in a long time. I can even score three point shots again. I am getting stronger every day. Nothing is holding me back from living my life!"

- Joanne H.


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